we all deserve it!

We are an ensemble of former professional athletes, performance nutrition aficionados, and technology enthusiasts. Each one of us has explored numerous applications and software aimed at optimizing nutrition, only to find them falling short of our expectations.

Driven by this, we are forging ahead with Prevess, the vanguard of 21st-century nutrition and wellness recommendation platform. Prevess is designed for discerning companies eager to distinguish themselves with unwavering commitment to evidence-based insights, striving to lead the charge in delivering highly personalized and scientifically substantiated nutrition and wellness advice at scale.


Our three pillars

Our goal is to bring a personal nutritionist into every person smartphone

The Vision
Advance the future by maximizing human potential

The Mission
Maximizing people's potential with science-based nutrition and wellness solutions


Prevess is founded on the principle of trust, ensuring that every interaction and recommendation is anchored in integrity and scientific rigor.

Our AI-driven API doesn’t just aggregate data — it interprets it through the lens of over a thousand peer-reviewed scientific papers, turning a vast sea of information into a trusted stream of health wisdom.

Trust for us means protecting user confidentiality with the highest standards of data security and ethical data use.

It's a pact we make with every partner, fostering relationships built on the assurance of quality, accuracy, and steadfastness in an ever-evolving digital health landscape.


Our singular focus at Prevess is to revolutionize how nutrition coaching is delivered worldwide.

With every byte of data and every line of code, our aim remains clear: to enable precise and individualized health guidance!

This focus is reflected in the depth and breadth of our comprehensive user profile data, from detailed dietary habits to sophisticated biometric analyses.

We concentrate our efforts on interpreting nuanced health indicators, distilling them into concrete, personalized actions that drive health outcomes.

In a world brimming with generic advice, our focus cuts through the noise to deliver clarity and specificity in health optimization.


Dedication is the lifeblood of Prevess, driving us to relentless innovation and unwavering support for our partners and their users.

It’s the dedication to excellence that compels us to constantly curate and update our scientific database, ensuring that our recommendations are not just up-to-date, but also at the forefront of nutritional science.

It’s a dedication to inclusivity that motivates us to expand our food and beverage ecosystem, providing diverse options that cater to varying cultural tastes, dietary needs, and health goals.

And it's our dedication to impactful outcomes that fuels our partnership approach, working tirelessly to help our clients integrate and scale our solutions, thereby transforming the landscape of health and nutrition for the better.
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