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The problems you probably face

Challenges We Address!

Data Fragmentation

Challenges may arise in managing diverse big-data from wearables, forms, and lab tests. We aid in organizing and integrating this data for a holistic health understanding by simply leveraging our API

Limited Personalization

Delivering personalized health guidance is vital. Our AI-driven API facilitates individualized nutrition and wellness recommendations tailored to the needs
of every of your users or patients

Cost and Scalability

Optimizing operations and managing costs are crucial. Our cost-effective, scalable API solution helps optimize operational costs, lifting the workforce by up to 50x without compromising care quality

PrevessAI API
is the smartest and efficient nutritionist (by knowledge) on earth!
"With the PrevessAI API you build a chat, blog articles or an internal knowledge base to ask any question about nutrition and always get a reliable answer in seconds!"
Timo Spring - CEO & Co-founder of Prevess

Scientific papers about nutrition to give you the most reliable answer on your question


We support your users and patients when they need it, wherever they are and at any time


From English, to German, to Spanish to Mandarin, Hindi or Hebrew - the users can change the language in real-time

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Use our API and revolutionize your point-of-care business by providing personalized health recommendations through
PrevessAI API

Type of companies that work with us

Who Can Benefit?

Point-of-Care Testing Companies

These companies specialize in providing medical testing services and diagnostics at the point of care, such as doctors' offices, clinics, or patient homes. They can benefit from Prevess API's comprehensive data integration and AI-driven personalization to enhance their testing services and provide personalized health recommendations to their users.

Blood Testing Companies

These companies focus on conducting blood tests for various medical purposes, including disease diagnosis, monitoring, and prevention. By leveraging Prevess API, they can seamlessly integrate diverse data types from blood tests and provide comprehensive insights for informed decision-making while delivering personalized nutrition and wellness recommendations to their users or patients.

Gut Microbiome Analysis Firms

These firms specialize in analyzing the gut microbiome, which plays a vital role in overall health and well-being. Prevess API can support them in integrating data from gut microbiome analysis, enabling them to provide personalized recommendations based on individual profiles and deliver them through various channels, such as in-app chat, articles, newsletters, or integrations with messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

DNA Testing Companies

These companies offer DNA testing services to provide insights into genetic traits, ancestry, and potential health risks. By utilizing Prevess API, they can enhance their services by integrating genetic data and leveraging AI-driven personalization to deliver highly tailored nutrition and wellness recommendations based on individual genetic profiles, improving user engagement and satisfaction.

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delivering personalized health recommendations with PrevessAI API

Your Data, Secured!
GDPR Compliant

Rest assured, your data is handled GDPR-compliant. Prevess focuses on the recommendation journey, alleviating regulatory concerns

Security Priority

Our top priority is the security and privacy of your data. We adhere to strict GDPR compliance guidelines to ensure that your information is protected at all times


With Prevess, you can trust that your data is handled with the utmost care and in accordance with the highest industry standards for security and privacy.

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We are proud partnering with Cerascreen, the leading provider in at-home health & blood tests in Germany and Europe.

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