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At Prevess, we are not just a team, but an ensemble of visionaries: former professional athletes who have competed at the highest levels, performance nutrition experts passionate about the science of wellness, and tech innovators who dream in algorithms and APIs. Together, we share a common history—a pursuit for a platform that truly meets the high standards of elite performance nutrition, and time and again, we’ve faced the disappointment of solutions that fail to deliver.

This shared experience is what ignited the inception of Prevess. Our platform is the manifestation of that unmet need, a product of countless hours of research, development, and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of personalized nutrition. Prevess stands as the vanguard in the 21st-century landscape of nutrition and wellness recommendation technology. We've painstakingly crafted our platform with a laser focus on scientific validity, ensuring that every piece of advice has its roots in rigorous research and proven data.

We’re inviting trailblazers who resonate with our cause to join our ranks. If you find yourself nodding along, understanding the critical gap we are determined to fill, then Prevess is your calling. Be part of a team that’s not just following trends, but setting them, transforming the digital health space with every stride, and redefining what it means to lead a healthy, optimized life.

Timo Spring

Founder & CEO

I swam professionally for 16 years, finished second in the national championships and failed to qualify for the European Championships and the World Championships two years in a row. In hindsight, I ate like a crab and that broke my neck. I was not offered nutritional counselling for 16 years. As a result, I have studied performance nutrition for the last 12 years, I'm a sport manager and biohacking enthusiast. With Prevess I laid the foundation for nutritional counselling for competitive athletes all over the world.

Alexey Antipov

Co-founder & CTO

As an engineer and a manager, I struggled with many issues, such as fatigue, overwork and exhaustion, in my daily work. I didn't realize the connection to nutrition at first. Further, balancing sitting at a desk with proper movement during the week was a challenge. But when I realized that exercise is the queen but nutrition is the KING, I radically changed my behaviour, do regular testing for DNA, gut microbiome and blood analysis per year, use the findings for a truly balanced and personalized diet and feel like I'm at 150% performance permanently.

Nikita Plotis

Full-Stack & AI Engineer

As a developer, my work often demands hours of intense focus. Initially, I struggled with maintaining concentration for extended periods. That's when I realized the incredible impact of nutrition and exercise. Proper nutrition became the cornerstone of my journey to extending my focus hours. It's not just about what you eat; it's about what your brain needs.But it wasn't only about food. Regular exercise breaks became a powerful tool to supercharge my productivity. From struggling to maintain focus for half an hour to coding for four hours straight – that's the transformation I achieved by embracing deep nutrition and exercise.

Mariana Zucchi Araujo

Senior Nutritionist in Health, Food and Sports

With a bachelor's degree in nutrition 16 years ago, I've passionately pursued health education through various roles: I've served as an international strategic consultant in sports dietetics, clinical nutritionist, food safety manager, and collaborating with sports teams and individual clients worldwide,  focussing my dedication to research and interdisciplinary teamwork, leading me to always look towards shaping the future of nutrition in sports and public health. That's why I'm proud to be part of the Prevess team as a High-Performance Sports Nutrition Specialist, contributing scientific insights and research, considering the nutritional needs of consultants, and creating personalized counseling, searching together for our best health performance.

Anastasia Nikitina

UI & UX Designer

I'm a designer, and my work consists of two main parts - mental activity and a sedentary lifestyle. I realized that I need to monitor my blood micronutrient levels and other important tests to know how to better meet my daily nutritional requirements through diet and supplements. I started keeping track of my meals, and it even made me want to add physical activity. I've returned to practicing yoga and going for bike rides.

Dr. Mariette Abrahams, MBA

CEO & Founder of QINA

Prevess is one of the best ways I've seen in the last decade for athletes to follow a science-backed path to getting healthier, performing better, and developing long lasting habits. Crucially, the process is super easy to follow, since all the necessary snacks and supplements will be delivered.

Dr. Robert Percy Marshall

Team Doctor - RB Leipzig

Over the past ten years, I've witnessed various approaches to health and performance in athletes, but Prevess stands out as a pinnacle of innovation. It offers a science-backed roadmap that not only enhances health and performance but also fosters enduring habits with remarkable ease. The brilliance lies in its simplicity; every essential snack and supplement an athlete requires is delivered directly to them, embodying the multi-level strategy we champion at RB Leipzig for peak performance and injury prevention, with nutrition as the cornerstone.

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