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With our PrevessAI REST API architecture, seamless integration into your website or application is effortlessly achievable

World Smartest Nutritionist

The PrevessAI API offers your users a highly intelligent, adaptable, and well-organized nutritionist experience, presented in a conversational format. Your users have the ability to inquire about any nutritional queries and receive rapid responses

Administrator Backoffice

Effortlessly manage your API through our intuitive PrevessAI Admin Backoffice, ensuring smooth control over your system's functionalities, track usage and many more

The Prevess NutritionAPI is the smartest nutrition coach on earth!
"At PrevessAI, we're dedicated to transforming lives! Our platform empowers users with personalized nutrition support around the globe and in more than 35 languages."
Timo Spring - CEO & Co-founder of Prevess
Scientific papers

Benefit from a wealth of knowledge derived from the analysis of over 5,000 scientific papers, ensuring that the nutrition insights provided are firmly grounded in credible research

Personalized Contextualization

Engage in contextually relevant conversations with users, tailoring nutrition advice based on individual preferences, health goals, and restrictions for a more personalized experience


We assure that the PrevessAI API provides accurate and evidence-based responses, with a commitment to delivering reliable information. It refrains from generating speculative or misleading content, giving users trustworthy nutrition guidance

Use case #1
Personalized Meal Planning

Users can input their dietary preferences, restrictions, and health goals, and the PrevessAI API will generate tailored meal plans. Drawing from its extensive scientific database, the API suggests meals that meet nutritional needs while aligning with the user's specific requirements.

Use case #2
Nutrition Q&A Platform

Integrate the PrevessAI API into a nutrition-focused Q&A platform. Users can ask questions about various foods, diets, nutrients, and health concerns. The API's responses are based on sound scientific research, ensuring accurate and reliable information.

Use case #3
Health and Fitness Apps

Enhance health and fitness applications by integrating the PrevessAI API. Users can track their daily food intake, exercise routines, and health goals. The API can provide real-time feedback and suggestions to help users make informed decisions to support their wellness journeys.

Use case #4
Nutritional Content Generation

Content creators, bloggers, and nutritionists can utilize the PrevessAI API to generate evidence-based articles, blog posts, and educational materials. The API can assist in creating accurate and informative content about nutrition trends, dietary guidelines, and the latest scientific findings.

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First 100 API calls are for free

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