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With the PrevessAI chat you chat with your personal nutritionist to achieve your weight and performance goals with ease and get answers in under 30 seconds

Available on IOS, Android and Web

What you get!

100% Personalised

Ask the chat everything nutrition related and get a tailored answer to your nutrition goals, dietary preferences like meal plans, shopping lists or comapre foods and meals everywhere

100% Scientific

PrevessAI has been trained on more than 5,000 scientific papers selected by nutrition experts with over 30 years of experience to give you the best and most accurate answer every time

Available in 35+ languages

Ask any question, around the clock, around the world and in more than 35 languages, from English to Arabic to Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi and many others

PrevessAI is the smartest nutritionist
(by knowledge) on earth!
"With the PrevessAI Chat & App you can ask any question about nutrition and always get a reliable answer in seconds!" Timo Spring - CEO & Co-founder of Prevess
Scientific Papers

Scientific papers about nutrition to give you the most reliable answer on your question


We support you when you need it, wherever you are and at any time


From English, to German, to Spanish to Mandarin, Hindi or Hebrew - change the language in real-time

Use case #1 - Look in the fridge

Enter all the ingredients from your fridge and ask the AI to create a simple recipe for you

Use case #2 - @ Hotel

Enter all the ingredients from the buffet and let the AI easily create a recipe based on tablespoon portions

Use case #3 - @ Restaurant

Enter two dishes from a menu and ask the AI to make the best choice for you

Use case #4 - @ Wherever you are...

Chat with our PrevessAI wherever and whenever you want, compare ingredients, foods, dishes and much more...

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Revolutionize Your Nutrition Journey with
Personalized Plans, Expert Guidance, and Unparalleled Results

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your personal 24/7 nutritionist as chat

Get an AI-based nutritionist who is there for you 24/7,
speaks 35+ languages and take your profile automatically into account


The case study with
1.  FSV Mainz 05

Tested and approved with soccer teams of the
1. Bundesliga, accessible now for everyone!

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