Our team

We are a team of former professional athletes, performance nutrition experts and tech geeks. We've all tested dozens of apps and software for optimizing nutrition and all of them could NOT stand up to our needs! That's why we're building Prevess, the 21st century nutrition advice for semi-professional and professional sport clubs, 100% evident and for those who want to become one!

Timo Spring

Founder & CEO of Prevess

I swam professionally for 16 years, finished second in the national championships and failed to qualify for the European Championships and the World Championships two years in a row. In hindsight, I ate like a crab and that broke my neck. I was not offered nutritional counselling for 16 years. As a result, I have studied performance nutrition for the last 12 years, I'm a sport manager and biohacking enthusiast. With Prevess I laid the foundation for nutritional counselling for competitive athletes all over the world.

Alexey Antipov

Co-founder & CTO of Prevess

As an engineer and a manager, I struggled with many issues, such as fatigue, overwork and exhaustion, in my daily work. I didn't realize the connection to nutrition at first. Further, balancing sitting at a desk with proper movement during the week was a challenge. But when I realized that exercise is the queen but nutrition is the KING, I radically changed my behaviour, do regular testing for DNA, gut microbiome and blood analysis per year, use the findings for a truly balanced and personalized diet and feel like I'm at 150% performance permanently.


Dr. Mariette Abrahams, MBA

CEO & Founder of QINA

Prevess is one of the best ways I've seen in the last decade for athletes to follow a science-backed path to getting healthier, performing better, and developing long lasting habits. Crucially, the process is super easy to follow, since all the necessary snacks and supplements will be delivered.


Our three pillars

Our goal is to bring a personal nutritionist into every person smartphone

The Vision
Advance the future by maximizing human potential

The Mission
Maximizing the potential of athletes with science-based nutrition solutions


Trust is the most important component especially in the young years of athletes.
Why? we trust our coaches mostly blindly in every aspect of training and our performance development. To become a professional athlete nowadays, however, requires the many pillars: training, nutrition, psychology and recovery.

Most of the time, the trainers and the coaching staff can not represent all the pillars. Nutrition is the component that is usually the first to be discarded, along with psychology, and in this respect your nutrition is your fuel.

We are here to solve the issue of nutrition personalized for you with 100% confidence, based on the knowledge of 10 nutritionists in one app.


As an athlete, especially a young athlete, you have several challenges to overcome at the same time. In addition to school, training, studies or even as a professional athlete, the four pillars of a professional athlete have to be kept in balance: Training, nutrition, psychology and recovery.

All pillars and the rest of your life already take up so much space, so nutrition is usually the first position where the FOCUS falls off. That's why we have created Prevess. Our FOCUS is to keep your FOCUS fully on sports and training, while providing you with the best nutrients.


We know firsthand the effort that athletes put in at least 10,000 hours of their careers during the years 14-24. We honor that hard work in training and competition by making nutrition automatic through our athlete-optimized program. With the Prevess app, we have reduced all the necessary information to a minimum, so athletes can dedicate themselves to their passion and always have their nutritionist in their smartphone with them. Translated with DeepL
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